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You can come to the home page at any time and see the current and past accounts of your business. However, these trading warnings only apply to black account holders . If the payment is made in an uncontrolled manner, it can be a fraud of the customer’s money with the help of brokers. But in the case of LimeFX, there is no chance of it happening. You need to complete your data to verify your main account and upload a document or photocopy of your personal identity card for life trading.

Traders who have chosen LimeFX are equipped with tools for both fundamental and technical analysis, comprehensive research tools and more. Metals with high economic value such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum have stood the test of time and remained as some of the most traded financial instruments today. To meet its clients’ needs in metals, LimeFX has made ten metal pairs available for trading, including XAGEUR, XAGGBP, XAUAUD and XPTUSD. All asset types can be traded using the full set of MetaTrader platforms with the Pro account and the minimum amount needed to open the live account is 200 USD.

LimeFX broker reviews

There is no way to use a payment method that had not been mentioned in the personal account settings. All the systems used should be connected to a profile owner’s name, surname, and personal data. The news themselves are short messages on one of the currencies and timeframe with a very short commentary of a technical analyst. Cons No own software for advanced traders and automation of trade.

These accounts are varied in nature and designed to suit everyone interested in trading. Currently my order execution is getting more and more problems. Several times the server also experienced problems when important news came out. So that traders lose the moment to take the opportunities that exist in the market.

What is LimeFX? What Do We Know About LimeFX Broker Company?

Most importantly, LimeFX has partnered with TradingCentral to offer up-to-date well-researched technical analysis pieces. On trading education, LimeFX has an online academy that is made up of videos and written content. The content is well-organized from the beginner to advanced levels. Most importantly, you can track your progress when taking the course. The videos are offered in English, Arabic, Thai, Bahasa and Vietnamese. I found the video content to be well-done and very useful, especially for beginners.

Additionally, if your account currency is in ZAR then there is no commission or conversion fees. But if your account base currency is in another currency like USD, then there will be an exchange rate involved which you will see during depositing of funds. Deposits via Internet Banking Trading method are instant (which means that the funds will be credited within few minutes max.). Below is the detailed description and comparison of all the trading account offered by the LimeFX. They were established in 2008 and now have over 209,000 active traders with $974.5 billion USD monthly trading volume in July, 2021.

  • A useful tool for all traders, LimeFX’ Trader’s Calculator calculates the basics of trading positions in no time, such as pip value, margin, swap long and swap short.
  • Featuring unlimited leverage, the LimeFX Standard Cent account allows its holders to trade any available metals and forex pairs.
  • We have requested your details via Trustpilot’s Find Reviewer, if you could provide your information there, we can check your account and look into this further.
  • We regret to inform you that we are currently facing technical disruption with deposit and withdrawals.

Well, from our frank perspectives, the possible reason is maybe they don’t want to offer anything which can cause the defame. As we all know, bonuses are probably the center of every spamming act. Several surveys from 2020 show that the number of mobile users increased by almost 85% compared to 2014 and 2015.

LimeFX Review – Is it a Scam or Legit Broker (

By definition, a margin is a sum of money taken by a broker for his services. The asset’s remnant on the personal account is called a ‘free margin’. The difference between these notions is that margin is applied for current existing orders, while free margin denotes the number of funds available to open new trades. Although it is possible to check a free margin in the Personal Area, they are not extracted from the account until trades are in progress.

This has enabled the firm to cater to financial products in the territories recognized by the platform. Unlike other brokers that demand traders to deposit thousands of dollars to begin trading, LimeFX simply requires them to deposit $300 to begin. They don’t have to invest a lot of money to trade, and they can do it with a Zero account. According to the LimeFX review, it has a wide range of accounts to offer when it comes to account types to choose from.

  • On the downside, there are no bonus offers available with LimeFX currently.
  • The differences start when comparing the trading instruments available and platforms.
  • LimeFX partners can earn a higher partner commission when their clients trade on a Standard Plus account.
  • The same payment systems are available as withdrawal methods.

It’s very difficult for these traders to deposit to the brokers. That’s why sometimes, Asian traders will choose a broker because of their good payment systems only. No matter whether you are a scalper or a long-term trader, LimeFX has the suitable forex account for you. If you are looking for small profits over short time based on the fluctuation of the market, you should try LimeFX Standard Cent or Standard account. They have super low spreads and they execute orders very quickly, which fits your trading pace. If you are interested in long-term profit, you can use the Pro account or LimeFX Zero account.

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For starters, you have to choose the ideal online trading platform who’ll always be transparent with you. Metatrader 4 and 5 s are available as trading platforms on almost any device and all major operating systems. You won’t pay any commission on your deposits and withdrawals at LimeFX.

As a result, brokerage firms offer swap free account types to enable people of muslim fate trade without going against their believes. LimeFX provides access to trading Forex pairs, Stocks as CFDs, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies as CFDs to traders around the world. On the downside, LimeFX Group does not accept clients from several jurisdictions, including the USA. Market makers generally have a lower minimum deposit, lower minimum trade requirements, and no trading commission. This may differ based on the type of account you establish.

In the example above, we only reviewed EUR/USD spread, while there are many special features in different markets and types of accounts. This company provides services within a certain set of rules. So the international trade market is still clearly standing.

In recent days, mobile trading is more popular than ever and the possible reason behind it might be the HUGE number of consumers of mobile devices. Therefore, while trading with LimeFX, there’s no need to stress thinking about the safety of your capitals instead stay relaxed and trade the market. Apart from all this, LimeFX also provides segregated reports along with yearly reports. Moving on, LimeFX is regulated with different regulations on different continents.


LimeFX Standard is an account that is ideal for everyone. Approximately 80% of traders in LimeFX open this category of account. The very high leverage that this account has to offer ensures to keep the trader’s position longer limefx scammers with a low margin. As opposed to other trading brokers, the lowest fee that the broker charges is considered to be the best. With Traders Calculator, the customer will get an accurate check on the cost of the transactions.

The company launched a service in October 2019 that allows small and medium-sized companies to send money anywhere in the world fast and cheaply. Yes, LimeFX accepts bank transfers for depositing money. LimeFX safeguards its customers’ personal and sensitive information under SSL encryption. Your capital will be kept highly secure in top-tier banks. As you already know, LimeFX works with proper conformation to regulations. It’s established lots of measures to protect all of its own investors.

Many unethical brokers try to pressurise users into bigger funding for superior services. LimeFX, though, is much more concentrated on trading volume. Dealers can expect trading conditions to be just, honest and transparent.

It allows clients to use a convenient and accessible trading and information terminal MetaTrader 4 in desktop and mobile apps versions. Social Trading approach provided exclusively by LimeFX is a brand-new method to get advanced in forex trading. Its essence consists in newbie traders’ ability to study the professional traders’ experiences. The platforms provided by LimeFX vary in MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Web, and Mobile platforms. This makes it easy for traders when trading on LimeFX, as they can also access LimeFX platforms anywhere and anytime.

  • Create and log into your Personal Area on the LimeFX website.
  • Truth truth I though I was the only one experiencing that …….
  • For one, the company’s customer representatives regularly respond to reviews left in the Android and iOS app stores.
  • Investors can execute millions of trades without incurring commissions; The LimeFX Pro Account has a very low spread when compared to other forex brokers in the market.
  • The variety of account types, simple registration and customer-oriented approach in conditions of work left a pleasant impression.

So, if you choose to open the account in ZAR, then you cannot later change the currency to USD. But you do have the option to open another trading account with a different account currency from your LimeFX client panel. LimeFX have ZAR account option for traders in South Africa. You can open your account with ZAR as your account currency, but this account currency cannot be changed later.

How can I start trading with LimeFX?

The terminal has more than 50 tools and 100 technical indicators. You can start trading Forex, metals, cryptocurrencies, energies, stocks and indices using MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms. The commissions and spreads shown here are based on the LimeFX website’s minimum spreads.

The more lots traded by the user, the more benefits will come along. The educational section at LimeFX is quite insightful for new dealers since it permits them to get a closer look in the financial markets. LimeFX caters to all types of traders and are a must-have broker for almost any well-diversified approach to trading. The LimeFX Classic account has no maximum leverage limitation, runs commission free and starting spreads from 0.1 Pips can be accesses at liquid times. The minimum deposit requirement for this account option $2,000. No other financial products are available for trading at this point of time, but the large selection of currency pairs is a great plus.

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